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Meet Sam


Miss Georgia

Previously a USPS truck from Georgia. Transformed into

our beloved coffee truck

'aka' the
Butternut Road Coffee Truck

We purchased Miss Georgia in February of 2020 with a dream and a set of plans of retrofitting this old mail truck into a full-service coffee shop on wheels!

The transformation took just over 7-months of working on it everyday. Sam, and her husband Micah, did most of the work by hand. It was definitely a labor of love!

Meet Sam

Owner/Operator, Dog Mom, and (of course) Coffee Enthusiast

Sam started up the Butternut Road Coffee Truck based on her desire to live and work her passions, a love for coffee, and an eagerness to create a biz that had customer service and local support at its roots.

She quit her full-time job as a civil engineer in February 2020 (right before the pandemic hit the United States), bought an old mail truck from Georgia, and began the business of her dreams.

Miss Georgia hit the roads in September, 2020 and has been slinging coffee ever since!

Fun Facts:

  • Sam is a tall lady, which is why Miss Georgia is a tall lady. She is 6'-0" tall, but never played basketball or volleyball.

  • Her favorite coffee bev is an iced americano with oat milk.

  • Sam loves being outdoors, especially for a run or hike.

the Creator of
Butternut Road Coffee Truck
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